What are the Leadership Styles

Leadership Styles

A leader is not the individual who gives the command to the forces, he is the one who takes a decision and administers the movement of the legion. Leadership styles may vary; the leader may not always be the king, he may be the kingmaker too.

There have been many leaders history reminds us of, and they have all left their marks in some way or the other.  Guidance, management or supremacy skills there are several terms to define it, but none better than the individuals who actually practiced it.

Leadership competencies come to light or get enhanced when they pass through several tests.

Here is an insight of the various leadership styles and skills along with a few cases in point. These can be classified in multiple categories. Leadership Styles can be classified for example in the following three categories at least: Lewin’s Three Leadership Styles, Emotional Leadership Styles and Situational Leadership

These have also been compared to the contemporary scenario and their application. For example, the Emotional Leadership Styles includes the following styles.


The examples are many and needless to say, the ones that rank topmost are used as titles for those who resemble their kind. Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini still have many followers, although now they exist in a much-confined realm of corporate offices.

They believe in achieving greatness by use of power. However, the strengthening of laws against such practitioners has relieved the workforce.

Their tendencies can be understood from their gestures and behavior when they are told to direct a project or task.


They are also called paternalist or the father figure. It is quite difficult to understand the strategies adopted by leaders of this kind. They are indeed able leaders but equally good manipulators.

Once they take you in their confidence, you will be their loyal follower. Examples of this kind are the famous Robin Hood and also Sir Winston Churchill.


You might mistake them to be lethargic or the do-nothing types, but here lies their talent. They make you feel as if you are in power and often let you take the decisions, however if seen from a different angle it is you who will responsible for any mishap too.

They are diplomatic and safe players. Ones of these sorts are to be found extensively in the business world.


There are not many of them but most contemporary administrators are deemed to be democratic. They encourage their subordinates to move ahead and are supportive in times of need.

Executive Leadership is the call of the hour. Ones who are able to take the avatar of an able leader are not only in demand but doors of opportunities are always open for them.

However, they need to keep themselves updated and their presence of mind is always at test. They have to lead when required and are the guiding star to the team as well.

It is a crucial role and needs to be played with sensibility.

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