Weekly Chore Schedule Template For Excel 2013

Household chores can sometimes be such a cumbersome task. No one seems to want to do the dishes, take out the trash, or just clean up all the clutter. However, assigning household chores can be even more difficult. The Weekly Chore Schedule Template for Excel 2013 helps you organize and assign all these household chores to everyone in the household, whether you’re in the family or with your room or house mates.


Assign Chores To Family Members

The Weekly Chore Schedule Template for Excel is a handy and free Excel template that allows you to assign chores to different members of your household. The chores can be listed and scheduled for any day of the week.

The Chore Schedule Template design is simple and straightforward. You can easily edit the list of tasks to suit your own household. All the days of each week are displayed so you can see the progress for the whole week. The Excel template also displays, on the top left corner, the current week.


You can list all the household chores or tasks that need to be done for the whole week. You can do this on the task list column on the left of the template. Then, for each day of the week, there are two columns: “Who” and “Done”. This lets you assign a task to a specific person and then check off that task for that day once the chore is finished.

You can download this free Weekly Chore Schedule Template for Excel 2013 at Office.com.

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  1. Hi, This template doesn’t appear to be on the office template website. Can you please provide a link to direct download?

    1. Seems that suddenly Microsoft removed all the old templates from this site hence many of the existing links are not longer available. We are updating the posts and trying to find the new templates for you.

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