Using Descending Block List SmartArt in PowerPoint Presentations

In a business presentation, organization is important especially if the message you are trying to get across is a business process wherein the completion of the first part or step is crucial before you can proceed to the next step. It is for this reason why SmartArt graphic in PowerPoint will come in handy. In this post we will explore the use of Descending Block List for PowerPoint presentations.

Descending Block List SmartArt

Choose The SmartArt Graphics That Suits Your Business Presentation

SmartArt is essentially a built-in or a plug-in program in PowerPoint and shown above, there are several graphics that you can choose from. The graphics are categorized based on its general description like Process, Cycle, Hierarchy, Relationship, Matrix, Pyramid and List, and the discussion will focus on how the Descending Block List SmartArt under the List category is used and what instances it can be used in.

Using Descending Block List SmartArt

How And When To Use Descending Block List in PowerPoint?

First, let us understand the definition of Descending Block List wherein it tells that the graphic is used to show a group of ideas that are related from each other.  To simply put it, Step 1 is definitely related to Step 2 and so on and so forth. The shape of the blocks are also presented in vertically in different height. Based on how it was presented and to simply state the obvious, it follows that Step 1 is placed on the tallest block to consequently indicate that it should be completed or followed first before proceeding to the other steps in the other blocks.

If it will be used in a practical application, let us take for example the process on how to identify target market for the business that you will be putting up. Assuming that you are on the planning stage of a clothing business and you know that the only way to ensure business success is to spend time to carefully and thoroughly plan the details of your business especially your target market. Knowing and understanding the buying patterns or behavior of your target market will help you launch an effective marketing and advertising campaign that will cater to their needs and wants. Hence, ensuring that you will have a steady flow of customers and needless to say, it will not only keep your company afloat but will also help your reach target sales and quotas.

application of descending block list

Factors To Identify For the Presentation

It is for this reason that you need to identify your market and you can make use of the Descending Block List to help you visualize on how the identification of target market will flow.  For example, Step 1 should answer the basic questions like:

  • What is the gender of your target market?
  • What is the age group of your target market?
  • What county or city does your target market lives in?

You can add other questions to complete the basic information on Step 1. But assuming that you are done, Step 2  should include follow up questions that further sheds light or make clear of the information you gathered in Step 1 and it could look like:

  • What is educational background of your target market
  • What is the work or source of income of your target market?

The follow up question could supplement the gender and age information you gathered in Step 1 wherein it tells that your target market are females from the age group of 30 to 40 and 70% live in XYZ city. That 80% finished high school and only 30% finished college education while 55% were college undergrads or did not finish college. The source of income could be as employees with salary range $to $$ while some are entrepreneurs with salary range $$ to $$$$.  The said information could help you determine the style of your clothing if it caters to the sensibilities of your market. The information will also help you determine if your pricing is affordable or suit their budget. Hence, it will be futile if you will charge $$$ amount of one piece clothing for your market that only earn $$.


In a nutshell, using Descending Block List SmartArt in PowerPoint Presentations for your business, may it be in the food service industry, clothing industry or even if you are running a marketing or travel agency, the SmartArt graphics will help you properly organize and visualize details. Hence, ensuring that your plans are complete and thorough.

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