Using PowerPoint for e-learning courses

Using PowerPoint for e-learning courses is possible. PowerPoint is a tool and you can adapt this tool to be used in your classroom or online education programs.

You can use PowerPoint to create an effective elearning course.

PowerPoint for distance education can also be used if you share your presentation in Office WebApps that contains the same suite of Office products but web-based instead. This is an easy and cost effective way (free) to share the presentations with your students.

An online e-learning course in PowerPoint should be prepared slightly different than a conventional PowerPoint presentation.

First, it is convenient that you rethink the way you use PowerPoint in a linear way. For example, PowerPoint users find natural to create slides for each new content and topic, but for elearning this might not be appropriate.

Some other features in PowerPoint that you never used for conventional PowerPoint presentations might be useful in your e-learning course and lessons, for example you can use nice videos and sharing options with your audience as well as collaboration tools to keep track of your changes and comments. The speaker notes can also be used extensively for e-learning, in this case the students can read the speaker notes when you share the presentations.