Creating 3D transitions in PowerPoint

The using of 3D transitions is limited by the power of the equipment you’re going to use to play your presentation. In an old computer, transitions will be very slow and framed. To do this, you will need some specific software, like CrystalGraphic. If you have PowerPoint 2010, you won’t need it.

Once you’ve got the slides you want to have a 3D transition in between, click on the second one and select ”Duplicate slide”. Now you will have three slides: The first and both seconds slides.

3d transitions powerpoint

Save the original two slides as a images, by clicking in ”Other Formats” from the Save As… Menu. Select second slide, and then click on ”Format Background”. Click ”Solid Fill” and choose ”black” colour. Don’t forget to apply changes.

Then, choose a normal animation from the ”Animations” menu. Choose the third slide not to have any animations or transitions, and to be played ”Automatically After” 0 seconds.

3d powerpoint

This is a good way to impress audience, but you will only find it on latest versions of PowerPoint, as well as using some types of software. Please, be sure you’re using a computer with a good graphics system.

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