Travel Expense Report Template For Excel

Travelling for work can be fun, but it also has its share of responsibilities, such as ensuring that all the costs are covered, especially because your company paid for your trip. All other expenses that you may incur may also be reimbursed by your company with the right documentation. So to help you keep an organized record of all your expenses.


The Travel Expense Report Template for Excel is one of the latest Excel templates that you can use to record, collate and classify your travel expenses. This is specially created for the purpose of taking the frustration of the travelling employees as well as the accounting personnel out of the equation each time the company sends someone out for a business trip.

Quickly Create a Complete Expense Report

This travel expense report template features a header that contains beautiful icons of a plane, train, and car. This ensures that you or your company knows at first glance that the document will be all about travel.

Under this header is a set of blank rectangles corresponding to the required information you have to fill out. This information includes; your Name, Department, Period, Authorized by, Date Submitted, Per Mile Reimbursement, Total Reimbursement Due.


Below this is a table where you can list all your the items in your travel expense. You can fill it out following the guide and with the help of the column headers. Each column represents each information, such as Date, Description of Expense, Airfare, Lodging, Ground Transportation, Meals and Tips, Conferences and Seminars, Miles, Mileage Reimbursement, Miscellaneous, Currency Exchange Rate, Expense Currency, and Total. Such a format allows you and your manager or accounting personnel to see how much is spent in one day.

Get Reimbursed Fast

There is also a grand total at the very bottom of the table to show you the total of each expense category. You can also add more rows for the many days you are away on your business trip.


You can record all your expenses as the day passes, to ensure that you have a complete compilation of your expense report, which is important for the company, particularly its finance department, with each and every trip.

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