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Last updated on March 17th, 2023

Copyrights is a pressing issue which needs to be properly catered for or you can end up losing valuable time and money spent on your work, this is because copyrights for some people unfortunately means, ‘the right to copy’. To make sure that such individuals don’t get the right to copy your content, it is best to acquire a place in a Copyright Registry. For help regarding copyrights, see this link about US copyright registration.

The criminal pursuit template presented here has a dark background with a gradient of black and blue, and it features a variety of crime-related graphics and illustrations, such as a police car, a gun, and a silhouette of a criminal running.

The PPT template is designed to be used for presentations related to law enforcement, crime, investigations, and related topics. The slides include placeholders for text and images, as well as graphics and animations that can be edited and customized to suit the user’s needs.

Overall, the law enforcement template for PowerPoint and Google Slides has a professional and serious tone, with a focus on conveying information and data related to criminal justice and investigations.

PowerPoint Templates for Making Copyrights Related Presentations

If you require presenting about any topic related to copyrights or trademark, then we have just the templates that can help you leave a lasting impression on your audience.

copyrights violation is a crime

Animated Criminal Pursuit PowerPoint Template

Be it Piracy, copyright infringement or patent violation one thing is common about these loosely related terms, they’re all crimes! And what better way to talk about a crime than to show a mean stick figures creeping through a secure location to commit a felony. The Animated Criminal Pursuit PowerPoint Template comes with attractive, customizable slides to help you bag the bad guys in the form of interesting PowerPoint slides.

This template has versions for PowerPoint (PC and Mac), as well as Keynote (Mac and iPad).

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Criminal Pursuit PowerPoint Template

criminal pursuit powerpoint template

Branding Your Text PowerPoint Template

This is quite a handy PowerPoint Template and video animation which can be downloaded as a PPTX file or in the form of a video animation in Flash, MOV or WMV format. This animation can be customized by adding custom text before downloading the template from the developer’s website (see link given below). The below image shows custom text that we added to this template. Even after the slide template is downloaded you can edit the video animation in PowerPoint using PowerPoint Video Tools or download the video version of the animation and remix it using a video editing software.

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The customization of the text within the given video animation (before download) leaves ample scope for using this animation for a variety of presentation topics, including copyrights and trademark.

Go to Presenter Media – Branding Your Text PowerPoint Template

branding your text animation

Custom Advertisement Sign Clipart

Just like the animation above, you can add custom text and perform changes to the given image before downloading it with your custom text from the Presenter Media website. The below screenshot shows how you can customize this static clipart before downloading it in JPG or PNG format.

Go to Presenter Media – Custom Advertisement Sign Clipart

custom animation clipart image

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