Top 5 Ways To Connect Projector To Your Apple TV

The small black box that can be easily connected to a projector is Apple TV which only outputs HDMI. So, it becomes imperative for you to use a top quality HDMI cable to connect projector to your Apple TV which is actually very thin and portable. Undoubtedly, Apple TV is a great way to share PowerPoint Presentations when connected with a projector. There are various projectors that supportĀ HDMI input and so you may use them. However, when it comes to talk about the sound aspect, well you need to search for the other projector that gives you the quality you desire.

Top 5 Ways To Connect Projector To Your Apple TV

Now, the question popping into your mind must be how to connect Apple TV to projector? There are Top 5 ways to Connect Projector to your Apple TV. Let’s discuss them in detail and certainly, you will get an idea of the best mode to go for:

  • The worth considering option can be VDI that helps you connect the iPad straight to a VGA input using Apple’s ipad dock connector and so this is considered an ideal solution for wireless presenting.
  • There are some older projectors as well that can be easily connected to Apple TV, only if they support DVI input. You should also remember that it will only be capable of video and not audio. But, if you want to access sound, you may use the optical audio port and so you will be satisfied after delivering the Presentation.
  • The ATV pro is an ultimate solution that comes very handy to use with projectors and works great which means you can play anything over it. Surely, putting an Apple TV into the mix lets you take the full advantage of it.
  • Make sure that the HDMI end of adapter is no larger than the Apple TV HDMI port as anything thicker will no longer fit to your HDMI port as the power input is situated next to the input of HDMI.
  • If you want to walk around the room, you will require tapping into Apple’s Air Display which necessitates all devices to be on the same network and works over WI-Fi.

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The above mentioned above are just some of the ways that you may utilize to connect your Apple TV to a projector. Henceforth, bring home an Apple TV today and make the most of it.

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