Timeline of Your Life PowerPoint Template

Making a timeline of your life or a famous personality using simple graphics can be boring for your audience. The Timeline of Your Life PowerPoint Template has been designed for making engaging timelines for individuals. This can include not only famous people but also yourself. The latter might be a great way of presenting your ideas for a school presentation or when discussing your success and failures during a motivational presentation.

Timeline of your life PowerPoint template

Three Step Opening Slide Animation

The opening slide presents a three-step animation to help you get started with the topic. You can replace slide elements in this slide to customize this animated sequence. You can also add text and images to further enhance the sample sequence.

Create a PowerPoint timeline of your life

The next slide gives an infographic style three-step slide. You can replace the steps and sample icons to create a timeline best suited to your presentation topic. The two slides which follow this sequence provide a six-step timeline, with three steps listed in one slide and the remaining three in another.

Six step Timeline for PowerPoint

Diagram and Process Timelines

There is also a three-step diagram and four to eight-phase timeline slide sequence, as well as a slide depicting a sequence of six stages. You can edit these sequences according to need to show the number of steps you want to. These slides allow you to create timelines in the form of diagrams, processes and phases.

Eight phase timeline sequence for PowerPoint

Reusable Timeline Icons

There are a number of handy icons in the form of an icons slide. These icons can be copied and used across your slides. You can also recolor them according to your branding or color preference. These icons can also be inserted in the place of the sample ones given in various slides to change the context of the slides.

Reusable timeline icons and characters

There are a few instructional slides at the end of this template to help PowerPoint newbies to edit and customized the animated slide sequences.

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