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Time is important. In life and in business, every second counts. For a company, time may just as well be its most valuable asset. And this is why keeping a time sheet is important in the workplace.


A time sheet keeps track of the time the employees are at work; the time they are getting billed for, the time they are sick or on vacation. Having a time sheet is essential in ensuring that the people on the payroll are fairly compensated for the time they spend at work and the Time Sheet Template for Excel Online is the perfect tool for this.

Collaborative and Cloud-Based

The Time Sheet Template for Excel Online is a cloud-based template that makes accessing, updating, and printing employee time sheets easy. Because this template is in Excel Online, it can be accessed and modified from any computer or even mobile device through any browser. It is also easy to share, making collaboration convenient especially for employees who are away for business.


The time sheet template features a header where the employee name, email, phone, and manager information is written. This makes it easy to create multiple time sheets for various employees, even for all employees so that everyone has the same system and format.

Professional Time Sheet Template

The time sheet itself has a set standard work sheet of 40 hours, which can still be modified for part-time or special contract employees. This will be the basis of the Hours Worked, Regular Hours, and Overtime Hours.

There are also columns for the dates in a week as well as corresponding time-ins, lunch start time, lunch end time, time outs, and total hours worked. All the columns can be updated.

The Date column can be extended to include the dates for one whole month, and this is then set against the Standard Work Month.


All the details in the time sheet main table, which include the time in and out, and everything in between, will then be automatically reflected on the Hours Worked, Regular Hours, and Overtime Hours. This format makes the tracking process easy while lessening the risk of inaccuracies in computations.

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