Video Maker

Learn how to make videos online using free video maker tools or embed your videos into PowerPoint presentations using different media formats like MP4, AVI, or QuickTime .mov files.

Create Amazing Videos & Presentations with Animoto

Animoto Video

Footage recorded via digital cameras and smartphones can often go unused as many people lack video editing skills. However, there are web services like Animoto that can help you convert your video clips, photos and other types of digital media into video stories and presentations. Using Animoto is as easy as making PowerPoint slides.

Personalize and Create Video Presentations with Knovio

Knovio Video Demo

Many presentation professionals struggle with putting their vision into reality. Their creativity may know no bounds, but it all becomes a source of frustration when they can’t translate it clearly and accurately in their presentations and communications materials. Knovio is an advanced tool that you can use to create video presentations.

Create Professional Video Presentations with Renderforest


When it comes to creating video presentations, it helps when your visuals and transitions come out smoothly. This is why videos are often used to effectively deliver your message to your audience. It doesn’t matter what topic you are covering–you can definitely use a tool such as Renderforest to help you out.

Best Whiteboard Animation Tools

Best Whiteboard Animation Tools

Whiteboard animations can be a good way for grabbing the attention of your intended audience. These animations can be used for making marketing videos, public service messages, reaching out to a wide audience via the internet, etc. Here are some of the best whiteboard animation tools that you can use to create whiteboard videos by …

Best Video Maker Tools


Making videos for presentations, official projects, marketing or your YouTube channel can be conveniently done using easy to use video authoring tools. There are web and desktop applications that you can use for creating complete animations without the need to be able to use complex graphic design software, or instantly turn your mobile footage into a …

Create Awesome Animations For Business Or Schools With Go Animate

Sometimes when teaching children at school, teachers use animations to explain certain concepts. For example, one may run an animated video that shows an “apple” to represent A and a “ball” to represent B. This makes it easy for children to grasp the concept by viewing an animation that is both educative and fun to …

Videos .mov QuickTime in PowerPoint

Quick Time Video Maker Format

Digital movies that use the QuickTime technology (.mov videos) can be inserted into PowerPoint presentations as well as Apple Keynote presentations. During a presentation, the QuickTime movie added to an individual slide can be played directly from the slide or displayed using the QuickTime Player itself, which makes it very convenient for presenters who need …

Use Animoto to make impressive PowerPoint presentations

UPDATE November 2019 – This post has been updated. Visit Create Amazing Videos & Presentations with Animoto to read the new post. Animoto is a free online service web 2.0 that let you create amazing videos but also you can use it to make impressive presentations. Animoto lets you turn your photos, video clips, and …

Simple Way to Upload your PowerPoint to YouTube

Sometimes it is desired to share your PowerPoint presentations with colleagues or other people and one convenient way to do this nowadays is using Youtube or Slideshare. Here we will show you how you a simple and easy way that can use to upload your PowerPoint .ppt or .pptx files to Youtube. What you need …