User Interface

WrapBootstrap: Marketplace For Buying And Selling Twitter Bootstrap Themes And Templates

Most development and presentation related work is nowadays done using ready made templates. This significantly increases the efficiency of the developer and makes it possible to perform  laborious tasks in a quick and easy way. WrapBootstrap is a website that offers ready made templates for the Bootstrap framework.

Using PowerPoint for UX Design

UX design involves a lot of prototyping and when prototypes are needed then prototype tools can be used to enhance this job. Usually prototyping involves sketches in paper but also some other good tools like PowerPoint Visio, Balsamiq, Pencil as well as other available tools and applications in the market to make prototypes and mockups. … Silly-fast mobile prototyping is defined as a silly-fast way to create fully interactive application prototypes for smartphones and tablets. This online service was launched in 2011 and designed specifically for mobile, enabling the user to simulate everything an app can do. That includes interactive touch gestures, screen transitions and animations. is specifically tailored for mobile and …

Mockups and PowerPoint presentations

Mockups are widely used by UI and software developers or designers to design a User Interface prior to make a presentation. Software Wireframes and mockup is also used for rapid prototyping for websites or applications. Mocking up user experience designs can be useful to validate a design with the client and should be a fast task because …