Useful Tips

Structuring Your Success Speech

No matter whether you are a Human Resource Executive or a Communications Pro, one or the other day you need to write a speech for someone else or yourself. In order to make it a successful one, it has to be good. A good speech is not an exception. An appropriate structuring is required to …

Using PowerPoint Presentations To Put The Cat in The Bag!

Today, the world is technology driven and therefore, giving a speech without a PowerPoint presentation is like cake without icing. People do not like an audio presentation instead they want something to look at too while listening. It not only looks good but also makes the presentation more interactive.

Things To Know Before Your First PowerPoint Presentation

Every entrepreneur dreams of making it big in the industry and for that reason alone he needs to have great presentation skills, to learn how to present like a pro everyone needs to take the first step that is to learn. Before you deliver your first PowerPoint Presentation, follow these tips to feel a little …

What Not To Do While Writing A Persuasive Speech

As a public speaker an individual must follow certain unspoken norms if he truly desires to deliver a persuasive speech. You will often be told about the qualities that you must embrace and add to your personality with time but most probably not many people will guide you on what not to do to make …

A Millionaire’s Approach To Success

A dream common to majority of folks around the world is becoming a millionaire or even a multi-millionaire for the really ambitious lot out there. But as much as it is a common dream of a lot of people, this dream is not an easy one to achieve. Or is it with the right approach?

A Speech To Toast The Spirit Of Fatherhood

William Wordsworth, the famous English poet, who rendered World with some beautiful compositions may not be here amongst us anymore, but there is one of his lines that mind can never get over with, “Father! – to God himself we cannot give a holier name”. What else can better describe the significance of a Father …

Why People Might Be Dozing Off During Your Presentation

Have you ever been to a conference or seminar, where even 5 minutes afterwards, you failed to remember what the speaker said? Far too many times, I guess! And, that’s certainly not your fault, as it so happens with many presenters that they fail to understand purpose of their presentation and go ahead with making …

The How To Of Winning A Debate Contest

If a question is raised here as to what actually defines a debate, then majority of people will end up projecting it as a verbal argument where one is supposed to counteract the opinion of other, so as to win over the contest. But, to your mere dismay, its answer is just the opposite.

Life Hacks For Small Business Owners

Get More Things Done with Evernote.jpg

For the entrepreneur, a small business requires an exceptional amount of work to get it off the ground and keep it running smoothly. Many successful entrepreneurs have learned and developed tricks to boost their productivity. Below are some so-called ‘hacks’ that any big or small business owner can use to kick their productivity into gear.

Effective Means To Gather Feedback On Presentations

It takes a great deal of self confidence to be able to deliver a presentation before huge crowds; hence once it is done you do feel a sense of relief. But wait, just giving the presentation isn’t enough; to fully serve the purpose, you must not skip the part where you gather feedback!

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