Radial Charts

Learn how to insert radial charts in PowerPoint to be used as a free visualization tool for your presentations. Also learn how to use radial diagram with multiple levels and download free radial chart templates to use in your presentations including free radial tree chart.

Spider Gap Analysis in PowerPoint

In this tutorial you will learn to make a gap analysis chart. This kind of chart is also known as a spider gap chart, spider chart, and by the name used in PowerPoint—radar chart. The gap analysis chart is great for showing the current and target strengths of something (a company, team, etc.), priorities by …

How to Create Radial Bar Charts in Excel

Get Started With Radial Bar Charts For Excel

These days, there are many fun, vibrant and creative ways to visualize your data. Beyond the usual bar, line, and pie charts, there are many add-ins that can help you spruce up your data and related reports. One of these is the Radial Bar Chart add-in for Excel.