Learn how to create PPSX files which work as non-editable slideshows that can be played on digital screens as presentations or to playback slides at monitors located in an office, shop or showroom.

Find out about the utility of PPSX files and use simple tricks and add-ins to convert your files as slideshows that playback your slides on monitors without the need for manual management.

Difference Between PPT and PPTX File Formats


Back in the day, Microsoft PowerPoint used the PPT format which is still available even for newer PowerPoint versions. Since PowerPoint 2007 and beyond, the newer PPTX version has been widely used for saving PowerPoint presentations. If you’re confused about the difference between the two formats, see our list of differences between the two formats …

What is a ppsx file?

A .ppsx file is a Microsoft PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show file format that is used as the modern version of the PPS format (the PPS format was used prior to Microsoft Office 2007 and earlier). The ppsx files are opened directly to the presentation without opening the PowerPoint editor. It is used for presenting purposes, …