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Tips and guides about how to open and convert PowerPoint files in PDF format. Learn tips and tricks for better managing your PowerPoint slides by moving them to easy to read PDF and e-book formats.

If you want to learn a neat trick about PowerPoint PDF files, the below guides will help you in making the most out of your slides by managing them in Portable Document Format.

How to Convert PowerPoint to Kindle or Ebook Friendly Format

In the digital age, sharing knowledge and information is crucial, and eBooks have become a popular medium for this purpose. PowerPoint, widely used for presentations, holds potential for eBook content creation. This article guides you through the process of converting PowerPoint presentations into engaging eBooks, specifically for Kindle readers. Understanding eBook Formats ePub and MOBI …

Open PDF in PowerPoint

In this tutorial we will show you how to add a PDF to a PowerPoint presentation. PDF is the Portable Document Format from Adobe that is widely adopted as a way to share documents for printing purposes. Even that nowadays there are some more modern formats for example those related to ebooks (like .mobi, .epub, …