Monthly Sales

Download free Office templates related to sales and revenue calculations. This section lists down sales related Office templates, as well as tools and tips for better management of monthly sales and revenue calculations.

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Seasonal Sales Chart Template For Excel


As a company involved in selling products or services, your lifeblood depends on how effective your sales team is. You have to always be abreast on their performance over time and the tools they use to pitch and close a sale. However, you can’t always effectively sell your products or services, as seasons can also dictate …

Free Sales Forecast Template For Excel 2013 With Editable Logo Placeholder


For companies whose main income-generating activity is through its sales effort, a sales forecast is a very useful report to have regularly. The Free Sales Forecast Template for Excel 2013 with Editable Logo Placeholder is the perfect sales forecasting document to track sales opportunities and transactions in process. 

How to Copy Chart from Excel into PowerPoint 2010

There may be times when you want to copy charts from Excel into your PowerPoint presentations. For example, if you are preparing a dashboard in PowerPoint or the annual organization report before the strategy planning. In this case, we will be interested to copy charts from Excel spreadsheets into PowerPoint. Let’s say that we have …