Learn how to add intersecting lines and connectors in PowerPoint to create diagrams, illustrations and to customize existing slides from PowerPoint templates.

There are a number of handy tools within PowerPoint which can be used to intersect diagrams and illustrations, below are tutorials explaining how to make use of such tools for making effective PowerPoint slides like a pro.

How to Combine Shapes (Union, Intersect, Subtract) in PowerPoint 2013

In many of our old articles you can learn how to use combine shapes feature in PowerPoint to apply set operations to your shapes. This is a great tool to work with shapes since let you create awesome diagrams and PowerPoint graphics that are easy to edit, resize or change the colors. Today we will …

Creating Custom Shapes in PowerPoint

PowerPoint has a great collection of shapes that you can freely use in any PowerPoint .ppt presentation. But sometimes these shapes are not enough for our presentations. You may be wondering why there are some nice premium PowerPoint templates that offer great shapes. Well, usually the professional designers create their own custom shapes in PowerPoint …