Anchor Points

Learn all about using Anchor Points in PowerPoint for making custom diagrams. You can create flow diagrams, hierarchical charts and a range of other slide designs by making use of lines and Anchor Points.

These easy to follow PowerPoint tutorials can help you understand how to use Anchor Points in PowerPoint. Furthermore, you can learn how to customize your diagrams by using simple Ribbon Menu options.

How to Know if Anchor is Connected in PowerPoint 2010

Attaching a connector to any shape is possible if you use anchors. This is a powerful feature available in major versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. By using connectors and anchor points in the shapes we can make robust diagrams and when you need to modify your layout and move some objects around, the connectors that are …

Connect Arrows in PowerPoint 2010

Connecting arrows in PowerPoint 2010 can be challenging for anyone newbie who need to make graphs or diagrams. While connecting shapes is much easier since each shape has its own anchor points, connecting single arrows together can be challenging in advance. But earlier we talked about how to connect lines in PowerPoint in the article …