Simple Process Timeline Template for PowerPoint 2013

If you need to make a simple process timeline design in PowerPoint 2010 or PowerPoint 2013, then this simple process timeline template can be very handy. You can download free Simple Process Timeline Template to make a simple timeline in PowerPoint with increasing arrows process. The template uses PowerPoint SmartArt to simulate a simple timeline.

simple timeline smartart powerpoint

Increasing Arrows Process SmartArt Slide (brown tones)

You can download this template for PowerPoint if you need a template timeline with graduating arrows that convey the steps of a sequential process. You can easily add descriptions for tasks in a project or a schedule for each step or milestone. The timline template is prepared for widescreen monitor or 16×9 format. The timeline example above have only four steps but you can easily edit the date and description for each task.

Download simple process timeline template for PowerPoint

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