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One of the most widely used project management applications is Microsoft Project. While it is used by many business professionals, sadly MS Project files can often be difficult to open on devices that do not support MS Office files. This may include smartphones, tablets and operating systems that do not belong to the Windows family. Even mobile device apps that allow opening and editing MS Office files do not support MS Project. This may be due to the fact that MS Project is not available with MS Office, despite the fact that it is advertised as a part of the Microsoft Office family. If you want to make it easy to share and view MS Project files on non-supported devices, then you can use the web service.

This web service allows a similar utility for viewing Microsoft Project files, like some web services offer for MS PowerPoint, e.g. the  SlideHunter and SlideOnline service.

To begin using this service you can sign up for a free account to get access to your password protected workspace. You can even view a live demo of the service to see what it has to offer before signing up for an account. To upload a file, click the Upload button and select your required MS Project file. supports the following file formats, MS Project 98-2010 (.mpp, .mpt and .xml). For mpp project files you can also use a mpp viewer online, which will not require to install any software.

Upload File

To share uploaded files you can invite users to your private workspace so that others can view the uploaded file. The uploaded files can also be downloaded, printed and saved as an image. Furthermore, once a file has been opened you can use the various viewing options to analyze charts more conveniently. For example, you can Zoom (in or out) the file to highlight specific parts or to get a birds eye view of the project file.

MS Project File has three packages including the Personal (Free), Team (worth $49 per month) and Enterprise package. All 3 packages are available as 15 day trials and the Enterprise package requires contacting the developer, which is perhaps to provide clients with a service that is more suitable for their business.

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