Shape Union in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac

If you want to use shape operation commands like Union, Subtract, Intersect and more while using Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 for Mac, then here we will show where to find these commands.

How to make a group of shapes in Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 for Mac? In Microsoft Office for Windows we already covered how to intersect or join shapes so you can make complex shapes from the built-in shapes available in Microsoft PowerPoint. Read more here.

In Office for Mac you can find these commands by right clicking over the shapes. Here we will show you how to make a very basic circular or cycle arrow design in PowerPoint by applying an Union command.

First of all, prepare the shapes that you want to combine, for example we have created the following shapes based in an arrow shape for PowerPoint and a Block Arc shape.

Then, place the arrow shape over the Block Arc shape and select both shapes. Now right click over the selection and look for Grouping menu in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac. In the figure below you can find the shape operation commands like Combine, Union, Intersect and Substract.

As you can see, these operations are placed in the same menu where you can group, ungroup or regroup shapes.

Did you know? The regroup operation is a powerful command that let you re-group shapes that were ungrouped. This comes very handy if you need to regroup a complex picture that is created based on lot of other shapes.


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