Remove background in a PowerPoint image

In PowerPoint you can remove background from images using a magic tool available in Microsoft PowerPoint. Here we will show you how you can remove a white background (or any other color) from an image.

car fluence renault

In this example we have added a Renault Fluence image into the PowerPoint slide. As you can see, the background for this slide is not white so the image won’t look so well with the current background.

powerpoint remove background

What we will do is to remove the white background from the image without using any editing tool, just PowerPoint and the remove background feature.

First, we need to insert the image in the slide and then select the image.

remove background


Next, we need to apply changes and the white background will be removed but as you can see here the backward of the card is cut here. So you should pay attention and modify the selection to include the whole image inside. Otherwise you will find some undesired results.

ppt remove white background

Once you have applied the changes, the white background will be removed from the image and you will get a final result like the image below. As you can see the white background is no longer present and you can move the image with transparency among the entire slide without hiding the background.

PowerPoint erase backgroundu color

We have shown here how to remove the background from an image in PowerPoint presentation. If this article was helpful don’t forget to check our free PowerPoint templates to find a good template for your presentations.