Record, Upload And Track Videos For Internet Marketing With LoopLogic

Internet Marketing using recorded video content such as ads, recorded webinars and video presentations is often done by uploading such videos to famous video streaming websites like YouTube. However, it can be hard to track and impossible to control what type of people may be watching your videos. Furthermore, this method is more of a hopeful means of gaining an audience, rather than a concrete business strategy. LoopLogic is a web service which  makes it possible to record, upload, share and track  promotional videos online.

What is LoopLogic?

With LoopLogic you can record screencasts, convert PowerPoint, PDF and OpenOffice documents into video presentations, as well as control and track who sees your videos. You can upload and even create high quality HD video content and make sure that you are able to get precise data about the statistics for users who have watched your content, to help you better market your product and identify potential clients, this service also provides various Internet Marketing features, including integration with MailChimp and Constant Contact for mass email marketing.


Getting Started With LoopLogic

To begin using this service, login using a Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Windows Live, Constant Contact, MailChimp or an existing LoopLogic account. Needless to say, you will require authorizing the LoopLogic service to use your social profile.

Login To LoopLogic

Uploading And Importing Videos

During the sign up process you will require confirming your email address, desired channel URL and title. Once done, you will be logged into your dashboard from where you can see a getting started video and begin uploading, recording or importing videos. To begin uploading your content, click Import or Record a Video button from the top right corner of your Dashboard.

Import or Record a Video

Import Videos From YouTube, Archive A Webinar or Upload Your Own Videos

As you can see from the below screenshot, you can Import Videos from YouTube, Upload a Video (MP4, MOV, AVI or WMV) or Archive a Webinar (from GoToMeeting, Webex, On24 or ReadyTalk).

Import Videos

Record Screencasts, Upload Presentations, Narrate Slides And Sync Videos With Slides

Alternatively, you can record a screencast right from within your browser, upload PowerPoint, PDF or OpenOffice presentations, narrate slides or synchronize videos and slides. For each process, you can also see a Getting Started tutorial.

Record Screencast, Upload Presentations, Narrate Slides And Sync Videos With Slides

Once your content has been uploaded, you can begin your marketing campaign and make use of the various integrated features to control, track and market your promotional content.

Upload a SlideDeck

Introduction To LoopLogic

To find out more about LoopLogic, see the developer’s introductory video given below.

LoopLogic has a Basic (Free), Pro and Publisher version. The free version provides the utility to upload 650 MB of files, with some very handy social sharing and mass emailing options. For more cloud storage space, CRM integration, advanced security, ad-free service and other features, you can sign up for the $10 per month PRO or $100 Publisher account. For more details, head over to LoopLogic.

Go to LoopLogic

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