Quickly Take Text And Voice Notes Using Android With Google Keep

Google Keep is an Android app which takes note taking to the next level by providing a place where you can easily create notes, reminders, checklists, etc. Google Keep is quite similar in nature to other note taking apps (e.g. Evernote), however it comes with its own unique set of features which make it stand out from other note taking apps available at Google Play. Finding inspiration for a project, PowerPoint presentation, poem, business proposal or even a blog post can be sometimes very difficult and the last thing you need is to forget an important piece of information which may help you make the most out of your inspiration and ideas. This is where Google Keep can help you keep the important things intact and organized.

Google Keep App

Save Text And Voice Notes

With Google Keep you can forget about adding those sticky notes to your fridge and get rid of various note taking apps which can often be inadequate to fulfill all your note taking requirements. This easy to use app provides convenient options for taking different types of notes. For example, using the buttons on the Google Keep interface you can quickly grab a text note, photo or even a voice note. The option to transcribe notes can be quite useful for quickly saving information or taking short notes as it can save you a lot of time and the hassle of typing lengthy details.

Take Text And Voice Notes

Color Your Notes For Easy Recognition

You can also color your notes so that it becomes easier for you to identify specific types of notes and checklists. For example, you may color urgent notes in red and mark old notes in green color.

Color Notes

Turn Notes into Checklists And Save Them To The Cloud

Google Keep also has a homescreen widget to help you instantly take your notes on the go. Furthermore, you can swipe to archive notes that you may no longer need. To turn your notes into a checklist, you can add checkboxes so that you can mark your to do list. Google Keep also saves your notes online via Google Drive for easy access.

Turn Notes into Checklists

For more details, refer to the developer’s video given below, followed by the download link for Google Keep.

Google Keep is a free app which works with devices running Android 4.0 or above.

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