Projector ViewSonic Pro8400 HD

ViewSonic projectors are well known High Quality projectors that you can use for presentations but also for movies or games as well as projecting the screen for PowerPoint presentations. This ViewSonic Pro8400 HD is a High Definition projector that Pro Series 8 of the brand. This projector is maybe highlighted by the remarkable 4,000 ANSI lumens and full High Definition resolution of 1920 x 1080 points.

Projector ViewSonic Pro8400 HD

Although the manufacturer claims this model is designed for home cinema, the brightness, contrast and above all shows a different reality as we otherwise see during our own tests.

The manufacturer is ViewSonic and the model is 8400 Pro. The price for this projector starts from $ 1890.  The display technology uses DLP 0.7 inches and has a manual zoom of 1.5 to 1. The noise level for ViewSonic Pro 8400 is 33dB and the image size from 30 to 300 inches.

In this projector you can enjoy the external connection of 2 HDMI ports and ethernet, as well as USB connection and RGE (I/O) and mini audio Jack (I/O). Size is 332.7 x 121.9 x 264.2 mm.

The high luminosity is usually associated with professional environments where it is more important to be able to project a bright room that a good image contrast and dark tones and black quality.

Another feature that stands out is the generous number of connections it offers. The dual HDMI is really great and very useful. You can use one HDMI for the gaming console while the other for satellite connection.

The USB connector also allows you to play videos from a USB device and images from your camera, as well as presentations. Particularly striking is the ethernet connection, which allows management and maintenance tasks on the projector remotely.

The design is ergonomic rounded and very nice. The control of zoom and focus are manual. The weight and size of the team, quite content, allow some portability, this will include a very practical bag which also can carry cables.

You can purchase this projector in Amazon for example using this link. ViewSonic PRO8400 1080p DLP Installation Projector – 4000 Lumens, 3000:1 DCR, Dual HDMI, 20W Speakers