Professional CV Template for Word 2013

Last updated on July 4th, 2024

If you are looking for a job and you need a curriculum vitae to effectively showcase your skills, experiences, education and other attainments, the Professional CV Template for Word 2013 may just be the perfect tool for you.

Professional resume template for Word 2013

A curriculum vitae provides an overview of a person’s experience and other qualifications. It is the first thing that a potential employer looks over when looking for an employee to hire or recruit.

Any job seeker must have a professional-looking, adequately detailed and well-written curriculum vitae to be noticed by a potential employer so he or she can move on to the second step of the job application, which is usually the interview. The Professional CV Template for Word 2013 is ideal for professional job seekers such as Engineers, Managers, Doctors, Lawyers, and many more.

The free resume template for Word 2013 is also ideal for job seekers who are looking to land jobs abroad or internationally.

Professional CV template for PowerPoint

Multiple CV and Resume Sections

The Professional CV Template consists of Personal Details, where you can put your Passport Information, Marital Status, Nationality and Date of Birth, Summary of Qualifications, and Summary of Expertise and Experience. It also includes the following information:

  • Experience History
  • Educational Qualifications
  • International Exposure
  • Industry Exposure
  • Type of Experiences
  • IT Knowledge
  • Professional Affiliations and Memberships
  • Honors, Awards, Memberships and Positions Held in the Past
  • Other Qualifications and Certifications
  • Personal Strengths and Profile
  • Additional Information Available on Request

A standard curriculum vitae is made up of two pages of your professional and personal information. The Professional CV Template provides two pages of adequate information that is readily organized in a clear, concise and coherent manner. All you need to do is to encode your information and the format adjusts automatically. You can also customize the sections to suit your application needs or your job profile.


This template is no longer available, you can check out these alternative Professional Resume PPT templates.

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