LinkedIn CV Presentation Vs the Old Fashioned CV

Last updated on September 20th, 2023

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is growing rapidly but still traditional CV has not been killed yet. Survey by an online recruiter revealed that posting CV in traditional format is still prevalent and social business networking could not curb this way.

LinkedIn CV Presentation Vs the Old Fashioned CV

There is a conflict between the versions of web recruiters as 32% believe that LinkedIn can replace CV and 42% do not believe that it will.

LinkedIn has made ground and has become world’s largest professional network having more than 150 million members all across the world. Out of which 9 million members are from UK only.

Here user can create ‘Resume’ online, that bears entire information, from personal details to professional details. And here users are allowed to create network on any basis, like, based on place, previous workplace or other similarities.

You can also stay in touch with relevant news and discussions by accessing large number of sector-specific groups, for instance Contract engineers, Oracle Contractors and many more. LinkedIn also offers integrated job search facility and feature, where thousands of users apply for job directly with clients if they have signed up for services.

Future Prospect of Social Media Recruitment

For IT contractors, LinkedIn is far beneficial than other sectors.  In fact, in 2010 a PCG poll revealed that; around 43% of its member considers it as vital business tool. The number must have risen now.

Albeit, LinkedIn is a most recommended social media platform for businesses and networking but recent studies have suggested that Twitter is also gaining importance these days. Likely three times of LinkedIn connections, Twitter followers applied to job posting from a contact on Twitter.

Actually, when it comes to applying for job, people often look for smarter ways, webrecruit commented. But, LinkedIn is an excellent place for managing professional visibility and to get results you need to complete your profile 100%. Here user have the facility to control information for world when occur in search results of LinkedIn.

Whether, its matter of capitalizing functions of LinkedIn, uploading the portfolio or writing summary for providing depth knowledge. This poll just shows social media has been embarked for online recruitment. And it also showers light on how trends are changing for job hunt.

So, substantiality of resumes has been changed with technology and an old fashioned resume stamps being an out-dated on you. And there is no question of uncertainty that generic work history resumes don’t work these days.

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