Private Presentation Vs. Public Presentation

Whether it is public presentation or private presentation both are meant to deliver information or message to others, but the foremost difference is just of gathering. And it might be possible, you are in your comfort zone while you are handling private presentation and at public presentation you know comfort zone is hard to create, unless you don’t practice and prepare well.

Private vs. Public Presentations

Secondly, these differ in way of presenting. When you are discussing some agenda with your team members, colleagues or seniors, you often take it as meeting, and there you may don’t feel that you need to project your voice, to create sound body gesture, you may not even find it necessary to entertain them, because as you all are familiar so humor can be created somehow, it’s a common thing, unless you are not discussing serious matter.

Whereas, while presenting in front of a large gathering you, you have list of things to do and not to do. You need to come fully prepared with brushed material and fully rehearsed. In fact, you need to learn skills and techniques for effective presentation.

One thing which is similar in Private Presentation and Public Presentation is “Powerful Delivery”. Yes, it is utter important because your main target to make people understand your concept completely. And more importantly whatever you are delivering in public speaking may not be confidential, it may be just to enhance the knowledge. However, the things you discuss in official meetings might have some confidential and secrete data that cannot be shared or disclosed to others.

But sometimes private presentations can be made public by publishing them if it contains some information that is required to be noticed by others. People adopt many ways for publishing articles, blogs and others but WordPress is one of the best platforms where people usually publish their ideas to make it available for public. Let’s make it easier to differentiate. There are other PPT publishing platforms like SlideOnline, AuthorStream and SlideShare that can help to this work, too.

You must have heard about performance, can we use this term for representing our normal conversation? If someone is talking nicely can we call him a performer? No, we cannot. But, public speaking is a performance, where you need to prove yourself by convincing others. And private presentation is sort of discussion, where you can present your views in your own ways.

Tips to maintain balance in both:

  • Learn to handle situations
  • Be presentable
  • Learn to develop Vocal Resonance

It is advisable not to confuse with these terms, both have different meaning in their own sense, but have same target to deliver message.

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