PowerPoint Transition Effects For Making Effective Introductory Slides

If you can successfully create an attention grabbing introductory slide, you can be on your way to a successful presentation. Gaining attention in the first few slides is essential for any presenter. Failure to do so can make it extremely hard to maintain momentum for the presenter, as well as a bored audience. The few things that you can do to spice up your introductory PowerPoint slides is to use animations, Animated PowerPoint Templates and apply the right PowerPoint Transition Effects.

Curtains Transition Effect

Starting off a presentation, especially at a webinar or seminar is much like a performance. You have to convince your audience in order to persuade them about your opinion, the utility of your product or the need to take action in relation to the topic in question. The Curtains Transition Effect can be quite effective to help you craft introductory presentation slides. This effect can be appropriately used for the first or initial few slides, as well as for slides that unveil a new sub-topic in your presentation.

Curtains Transition Effect

To see the Curtains Transition Effect in action, check out our video demo given below.

Doors Transition Effect

Starting a presentation or moving to a new sub-topic is like opening a door. If you are able to grasp the attention of the audience, they may be eager to see what lies ahead in your presentation slides and hence using the Doors Transition Effect may just be the right transition to help you create an intriguing outlook for your presentation.

Doors Transition Effect

You can apply the Doors Transition Effect either vertically or horizontally via Effect Options.

Window Transition Effect

Windows are always the object of mystery in numerous storylines, sometimes in a symbolic way. Just like a door, a window too is symbolic for opening a new chapter or leading the audience into a new realm. Therefore, the Window Transition Effect is also quite suitable for creating introductory PowerPoint slides.

Window Transition Effect

To see a demonstration of the application and utility of this effect, check out the video given below.

Tip: When using transition effects make sure that the accompanying templates or background design is complimentary enough to accommodate the transition. Otherwise, the transition effect may seem out of place. You can browse through hundreds of templates to find the right match for your presentation topic from this collection of Free PowerPoint Templates.

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