PowerPoint vs user generated presentations

This encouraging story from net savvy explains us the difference between PowerPoint and user generated presentations.

Rather than standing at the front of the room, I wandered with a wireless mic and passed the hand-held around. There were many times (as I had hoped) that participants answered questions themselves; I liked it best when I passed the mic directly from one person to another—I felt more like a facilitator than a talking head.

There’s just something about PowerPoint, at least the way most people misuse it and this is becoming a controversial topic around the Internet. Garr Reynolds put the topic in the head of the original author’s post asking the following question “Is it finally time to ditch PowerPoint?” His answer was: “no, but presenters should use slides to support the presentation, not to be the presentation”.

The idea behind User Generated Presentation is that it is bring to the principles of social media to the traditional presentation format rather than having arbitrarily decide what information the audience required on the topic of social media, let the audience pull what they want.

Behind this concept there is also a SMC approach: The Social Media Collective. So What is the SMC? The answer is something like “A diverse group of bloggers, consultants, investors, entrepreneurs, journalists, and analysts who represent the web’s best thinking on social media, marketing and Web 2.0″

Let’s think about it like an online club of people who is interested in social media. Interest within the SMC was high, and sometimes the response you get from this group is good.

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