Prezi Next: Create, Deliver and Analyze Presentations with Prezi Next

Last updated on June 13th, 2023

Create, Deliver and Analyze Presentations with Prezi Next

Prezi Next is a big new idea to communicate and express something in the form of presentations but not in its custom way of Powerpoint presentation rather a step beyond to it. This new way of communication is somewhat more meaningful, elegant and has a deeper effect on others.

These Prezi next designs are scaled from the individual user up to large business teams and it is the only way to show full lifecycle of any presentation.

It is built on such elements that cover the whole story of presentation and automated editor is activated. These editable and customizable designs are user-friendly and a remarkable canvas can be produced with it.

In Prezi Next presentation users can track that how viewers could interact with their content data after discussions in the meeting.  Available data is helpful in many ways like with whom presentation was shared, how much time on each section was utilized, and how many times it was reviewed. In Prezi Next, the penetrations are helpful for suggesting improvements in the business plan.

Prezi vs PowerPoint – Comparison, which is Better?

No doubt that Prezi is becoming more popular but PowerPoint still has its importance. Whether you have a very worthwhile project of presentation to present and you want to leave a long lasting impact on your viewers and you wish your presentation to genuinely overcome your viewers with mouths opened in astonishment, but you just have no idea which software to use: the traditional and comfortable PowerPoint or the newer, more unusual Prezi?

Which of both presentation tools are you going to follow? Is one actually better than another? What are the advantages and disadvantages of applying Prezi over PowerPoint or PowerPoint over Prezi?

Advantages of Microsoft PowerPoint

We are going to give you a review of the advantage and disadvantages of using PowerPoint and Prezi so that you have rather a clear idea of which tool to use for whatever presentation you are having with.

If we look back a decade ago than it comes to that PowerPoint application is in for any presentation project. You can say that PowerPoint is the father of all presentation software. It’s also worth to note that many people are a master in using its slides and different features. PowerPoint turned 30 years of existence in 2017 and it is by far the most used presentation software even today.

PowerPoint is user-friendly software and therefore it is easy to use various slide elements like icons, images, visuals, text, shapes, animations, etc. A large number of sources of free PowerPoint templates are available on the internet. Mostly the high-quality built-in templates are available from the software itself, and there are many gateways that offer templates for all kinds of presentation demands as well.

Pros and Cons of Prezi

Contrary to the PowerPoint slides, Prezi presentations are started with an unlimited, completely blank canvass. Prezi being newer and with its non-linear maps creates its own presentation technology and uses a changing, Flash-based map layout for displaying your views.

The things which are great about Prezi are that you don’t need to pack your effects and devices anywhere you go. As all work is done online, you need a Prezi login only to show off your deck. This effect makes it easy for you to move anywhere while presenting, as well as to create online sessions for distant viewers. Furthermore, as all work is on the cloud you can simply keep track of your presentation’s development as it happens.

While working on Prezi blank canvas, it is perfect for strong storytelling, where you want your ideas to interlink each other. This feature will definitely give you an equally endless possibility for creativity, which your audience will surely enjoy as a breath of fresh air in seminars, meetings, discussions, and many other functions.

In addition to it, you can easily import audio narration and music files, which is fit for today’s times when information technology makes it easy to view online lectures and discussions. On the other hand, there is a simple drawback in Prezi for not have a printing option, if you want your viewers to have handouts for the source.

While discussing some of the disadvantages of Prezi you can say that the strength of animated and dynamic storytelling could easily become its weakness making many reports confused or having troubles trying to follow a Prezi presentation. As a presenter, you can easily lose control of operating through a road map of ideas, particularly when you have a heavy information in your hands.

Moreover, you can only create Prezi presentations online for free but if you need to create it on offline then you have to buy the software of it, which could be expensive than PowerPoint software.


After above-prolonged discussion, it is vivid that both software are best to work with presentations and it all depends all upon you to choose for making the project.

This general correlation between Prezi and PowerPoint has tried to point out the advantages and disadvantages of both tools. PowerPoint is connected with the traditional and expected works and one can do a lot with it to make it modern and according to the smooth and modern. While Prezi can be an example of a box take on presentations that can stimulate the curiosity of your viewers.

Since knowing the strengths and weak areas of both software it would be helpful for you to choose the best one which fits better to your demand for whatever presentation plan that you may have with you. At the end, it is cleared that whatever program you choose, it would be better but depends upon its use.

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