Powerful Google Drive Features You Did Not Know About

You must be aware of the simplicity and ease of use associated with the Google Drive apps. Since many years these apps have been popularly used by professionals to a large extent. Although the Google Drive apps are best known for their ease of use, but there are some powerful Google Drive features which many of you are not aware about.

Powerful Google Drive features you did not know about

Here is a list of the most powerful Google Drive features that can help you to create amazing documents:

The Research Tool

This is an amazing feature of the Google Docs which provides a quick citation system. With the help of this feature, the text is more interactive and you get links to the related articles or websites. To use this tool go to Tools menu and select Research.

Power Linking

This extra-ordinary characteristic allows more links to an article or other related documents. Power Linking is much faster when compared with the research tool. To use Power Linking, highlight your text and hot CTRL+K to get automatic suggestions.

Surveys and Data with Sheets

Going to Insert, followed by Chart will provide you with a Chart Editor box with a variety of options for making charts from you Google sheet rapidly and allow your to illustrate your data in a more presentable manner.

Map It

As the name suggests, this powerful feature enables you to craft a map out of location based data. It provides a visual representation of the data from various countries by presenting specific locations in the cells. To use Map It, go to Charts tab in Chart Editor and select Map.

Hangouts For Online Collaboration

When it comes to working together on a project, Google Hangouts is the perfect solution. The screen sharing feature is a great way to solve complex issues. You can launch a Hangout and click ‘Drive’ for online collaboration using Google Drive.

Your apple device including tabs, iPhone, desktop, etc all support these Google Drive features. With the help of above mentioned Google Drive features, you can create word documents, eye catching PowerPoint presentations and more.

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