Photocrati Brings Stunning WordPress Themes for Photographers

Last updated on June 10th, 2021

While WordPress is quite an easy-to-use platform for web development, specialized themes make it possible to develop specific websites with a more professional look. For example, you might find it difficult to set up a photo gallery or shopping cart using a default WordPress theme. If you are a photographer who wants to set up a website with a responsive UI to showcase your work, using a generic theme is not an option, or at least not a good one.

What’s Included in Photocrati?

Photocrati provides high quality WordPress templates for photographers and visual artists. The advantage of using Photocrati is that it offers layouts that have been specifically designed for setting up photography-related websites, with more than 60 starting designs that provide built-in galleries with a responsive UI.

Photocrati theme

Responsive WordPress Themes for Photographers and Visual Artists

What’s great about the Photocrati bundle is that its WordPress themes provide a responsive UI which means that your website will be optimized for visitors according to the device they are using. For example, suppose a visitor visits your website from a mobile device. In that case, the theme will automatically display the website in a mobile UI according to the device type being used, making sure that the layout does not appear too big or too small to the viewer. This can be an essential feature for modern websites and HTML templates, especially if you intend to use them commercially, such as for providing products and services.

Photocrati responsive UI

Range of Gallery Types with Right-Click Protection

The Photocrati theme bundle comes with not only a plethora of photography themes but also enables you to explore endless customization options for making SEO optimized website, with built-in galleries, blogs, e-commerce and a very important feature, i.e. right-click protection to ensure that your work cannot be replicated without your authorization.

The gallery types offered by Photocrati include; thumbnail galleries, slide show galleries, filmstrip galleries, blog-style galleries and e-commerce galleries.

Photocrati gallery

Sell Your Photos Using Ecommerce Galleries

If you want to sell pictures and intend to integrate services like Paypal, Photocrati can be perfect for you. It provides a comprehensive ecommerce gallery which can be used by visual artists and photographers to sell their images, much like the best photography websites for buying images that we explored in a previous post. To explore how the shopping cart works with Photocrati, you can see an ecommerce demo from the Photocrati website.

Photocrati ecommerce portal

Preview Photocrati Theme Demos

Theme demos are available on the Photocrati website where you can preview various features and themes to determine if they are the right match for you. These demos are quite elaborate and provide a real-time feel for a website that can be created using the showcased themes.

Photocrati theme demo

You can preview demos and buy the Photocrati template with more than 60 plus built-in responsive themes from the link given below.

Visit Photocrati Website to download the templates.

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