Office 365 Threat Intelligence Protects Businesses From Data Breach

In business and in life, information is power. And if you lose information, it can cost you a lot. Many organizations these days invest huge amounts of money in not only gathering data but also in securing and protecting it. This is because intelligence can be a vital competitive edge as well as a way for businesses to operate and succeed in their respective industries.

Therefore, information must be stored securely to prevent data breaches. This kind of security must be put in place in all organizations to ensure continuous business operations as well as preserve the company’s brand, customer trust, and achieve organizational goals time and again.

Keep Your Data Secure with Office 365 Threat Intelligence

Office 365 helps companies to keep their data secure, minimizing, preventing, and even addressing threats to business intelligence and information security. Programs such as these ensure that data security is on-going on a constant basis, fighting off hackers and other cybercrimes from being committed, resulting to loss of crucial business data such as customer information and proprietary data.

Office 365 Threat Intelligence banks on Microsoft’s global presence to provide precious insight into security threats in real-time. This provides peace of mind and security to organizations as they will be alerted when threats come to their data. They can also set up dynamic policies and enforce them, at the same time ensuring that their security solution is in compliance to their own organization and to government policies.

Avoid Costly Data Breaches That Endanger Company Brand

We all know that data breaches can cost a company a lot and not just in terms of money. It can cause customers and clients to lose their trust and loyalty towards the company, knowing that their own personal information may be put at risk or made public.

Office 365 Threat Intelligence is a service that provides actionable insights to the ever-changing global data threat landscape. This allows organizations to stay ahead of any issues that can endanger their company’s precious data assets. This means that companies are not only protected but are able to easily and quickly detect threats even before any breach could happen. Furthermore, with prompt notification and dynamic features, they are also able to better respond to these threats and keep company’s smooth operations without skipping a beat.

Early Detection and Insights into Malware Activities

Office 365 Threat Intelligence allows data and intelligence security administrators better reporting and analysis as they gain better insight into the details of malware activity into their systems. This also allows them to see the bigger picture and make better decisions on threats and compromises that can disrupt operations or cost the company’s brand and bottom line.

One of its significant features is URL detonation, which protects organization’s data from malicious URLs. Office 365 checks a list of malicious links, as well as determines malicious attachments so that all users within the organization are protected throughout online activities and data sharing.

The Threat Intelligence feature also shares intelligence with Windows Defender so malware activity can be closely monitored across Windows and Office 365, making users’ own activities smooth and well-protected.

Broader protection is also implemented for all Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint Online, and OneDrive for Business.

More features will be rolled out early 2017 to give Microsoft users a whole range of encompassing features that apply intelligence to security and compliance that benefits organizations that value data as integral to their operations.

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