No Bullet Points Template for PowerPoint

No Bullet Points Template for PowerPoint is a simple PowerPoint template that you can download if you want to make simplified presentations without bullet points. For those who are scared about the Death by PowerPoint or want to make modern presentations with a simplified but clearer message, then this template can be helpful.

What is included? This simple template contains a few custom layouts with no bullet points and centered content. There is no space for title, unless you stricktly need it, and the content is centered horizontally and vertically.

no bullet points

The slide layouts also have different background colors so you can switch to different colors along your presentation. However, you can keep the same color and just click duplicate to use it in your slide.

Example of PowerPoint slide with centered text

You can see an example in the slide show below.

If you need, you can embed other kind of content, for example formulas or equations in PowerPoint, as well as images, charts and other graphics.

Equation and formula of distance between two points in a PowerPoint template

Finally, you can download this free no points PowerPoint template to impress your audience and share a message effectively.

No Bullet Points (727 downloads )

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