Milestone Birthday Card Template For PowerPoint Online

In any culture around the world, birthdays are always a big reason to celebrate. This occasion brings the celebrant’s family and friends together to celebrate him or her. Birthday celebrations are even more special when it reaches milestones, such as 16th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th and so on.

Versatile Milestone Birthday Greeting Card

To further make your milestone birthday celebrations even more special, you have to take it a notch up with this Milestone Birthday Card Template for PowerPoint Online. This template is specially, and specifically, designed for birthdays and can actually serve as greeting cards, posters, invitations, and other birthday material that will complement your chosen theme.

Celebrate Any Birthday Milestone

This Milestone Birthday Card Template for PowerPoint Online features a landscape orientation that allows you to use the card as a two world greeting card with two complementing blue ray design slides that continues on to the front and back of the second page.

Simply Type in Your Special Message on the Inside of the Greeting Card

This birthday template can be used for both male and female celebrants, in any age or month of the year. Its design is simple, elegant and very versatile. It features a blue theme with teal and blue light rays on the outside pages of the greeting card. Meanwhile, the inside pages, which is on a different slide, contains the same theme, but have more subtle or muted colors–in white and blue.

Create a Lasting Impression in any Occasion

The ‘Happy Birthday’ message can be seen clearly on a line going across the front page of the greeting card. Inside, a more specific greeting can also be seen. At the back page, you can see the birth year being celebrated. You can change these details by clicking on the text and writing your own specific message or changing the year of the birthday being celebrated.

As mentioned earlier, this template is versatile and can be used also as a poster by using only a single template and adding more text to the slide. You can also insert images, or even the celebrant’s pictures. As an invitation, you can add more text boxes to type in more details on the occasion, such as venue and time of the celebration.

Access this Template Anywhere Using OneDrive

You can also use this template not only for birthdays but for other celebrations as well. It is flexible enough to be used for anniversaries, store openings, company milestones, graduations, promotions and more.

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