Animated Rain Drops Template For PowerPoint

Animated Rain Drops PowerPoint Template is a mix of elegantly crafted animated and static slides which can be used for making presentations on a range of topics such as; nature, rain, monsoon season, weather, environment, global warming, sustainable development, project plans, environmental impacts of projects, carbon emissions and the like.

Refreshing Rain Drops Animations and Layouts

Despite a minimalist layout, this PowerPoint Template delivers a refreshing feeling which can be useful in leaving a relaxing psychological impact on your audience, especially when delivering a persuasive presentation. The opening slide depicts an animation of falling rain drops with customizable title and sub-title placeholders.

Animated rain drops PowerPoint template

Animated and Static Slide Layouts

The slides that follow provide a mix of animated and static layouts, each of which can be customized and replicated according to need. Other than blue rain drops, some slides also provide illustrations of white liquid drops.

In case you require darker color tones of aqua and fluid as depicted in this template, you can use the Animated Water Drop PowerPoint Template.

White rain drop

Easy to Customize

Customizing the slides is as easy as adding text and images to the given slides. No need to worry about the animations getting messed up, as all your added content will be displayed with the animations automatically when you present your slides as a Slide Show.

Rain drops slide design

Create a Range of Slide Types

You can use the generic layouts to create anything from comparison slides to charts, text-heavy slides and the like. Using the simple, clean layouts, you can move objects around via drag and drop and fashion your own slide layouts according to need, leaving a calm effect on your audience.

Static rain drops slide

Create Raindrop Themed Charts

You can also make use of the chart layouts which are quite creatively crafted to help you make statistical data look good in your slide shows.

Rain drops chart slide

This animated rain drops themed presentation template can be downloaded in Standard and Widescreen editions for all the latest versions of Keynote and PowerPoint, including:

  • PowerPoint (PC and Mac)
  • Keynote (iPad and Mac)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Rain Drops Template (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – Animated Rain Drops Template (Widescreen)

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