Every problem requires a solution. Some problems can be solved using extensive problem solving models, whereas others require outside the box thinking.

These posts enlist methods and illustrations tied to problem solving; including famous problem solving models, as well as tutorials and templates for making complex illustrations that can help depict problems and problem solving as a central presentation theme.

9 Step Problem Solving Model

Being the leader or the manager does not just make you responsible for all that happen, whether it is a success or a loss. It also brings on you the albatross to handle problems and then solve it tactically. Problem solving is a vital skill that develops with time and experience yet you cannot master …

Maze PowerPoint Templates using Shapes

Creating a Maze can be helpful to explain how to find solutions to common or complex problems. In some presentations we may want to present an idea to solve a problem with different approaches. The terms maze and labyrinth are synonymous. Sometimes, the term labyrinth is used for unicursal patterns with a single unbranching path …