Interactive Past Present Future PowerPoint Template

Be it a business proposal, quarterly evaluation, business plan, marketing strategy or even an academic paper; what’s often required is a look at the past, present and future. Interactive Past Present Future PowerPoint Template is a presentation template with interactive diagram slides that can be used for discussing the past, present and future.


Illustrations for Discussing the Past, Present & Future

The template contains various illustrations which can help you discuss the past, present and future. These illustrations can be used for making presentations related to not only business themed topics but also educational presentations. Be it history, marketing, business forecasting or a pitch deck, you can accommodate the slides in this template according to any topic of your choosing.


Create Timelines, Custom Diagrams & Infographics

The given concept slides can be used for making timelines, custom diagrams, infographics and content slides for presenting anything tied to historical data, the present time and future forecasts.


Recolor Sample Illustrations

While you might find the greyish backgrounds a bit dull, fret not. You can recolor these sample slides like a coloring book to give them a look that best suits your ideas. We recolored part of a sample illustration to demonstrate the editability of the sample slides. The below image shows the words past, present and future colored in PowerPoint using formatting options from the Ribbon menu.


Interactive Slides with Easy Navigation Buttons

The bottom or top of each slide contains navigation buttons, linked to different slides in this template. This can make it easy for you to switch to a specific type of slide in a click, instead of having to go back and forth to find the one you’re looking for. These buttons come in the form of different symbols like a loudspeaker which links to a timeline like slide, while a tree symbol links to a slide about past, present and future growth.


With animated slides and interactive content, this past, present future template can be perfectly used for a plethora of topics, be it presentations about sales, marketing, history, economics, commerce, trade or forex trends, and the like.

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