How To Use Google To Find Your Lost Android Phone

Last updated on March 31st, 2023

All of us must have misplaced our mobile phones at one time or the other. Some might have lost their devices at home, while others at office or a restaurant.

Searching for your misplaced phone was not easy till Google made it easier for you. Recent updates by Google have made the search for your misplaced device simpler. It allows you to Google where your device is and even your device will ring so that you can find it. In order to Google your device, you must have the latest version of Google Search app installed on your phone.

Find your lost Android phone

How it Works?

Firstly, launch your browser on your PC. Secondly, you need to ensure that you are logged into Google search on your PC with the same account that you use on your mobile phone. Now, Google ‘find my phone’ or where is my mobile phone’ or anything like this.

Where is my phone

Google Search app identifies your phone by the name that you have given to your Android device. When you will click through the Google search results, you will notice the options so as to make the phone ring, erase it and lock it. This advanced search allows you to locate your device hassle free.

Contacting Android device

The location and ring feature allows you to discover your device easily if you have misplaced it at home, like under your pillow, between the books or it’s somewhere fallen in the sofa, or you left your device at some place like a restaurant, park etc. The ring feature lets your device to ring at least for maximum five minutes in a loud volume. By pressing the wake/sleep button, you will be able to silence your device once you have found it.

Find your phone on Google

In order to find your phone through Google Search app, it is important that your device should be connected to the internet. Although it is not necessary that your phone should have a SIM card, but it must have an internet connection.

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