How to share PowerPoint Online with the New Email was recently introduced by Microsoft as the New Era of Hotmail. Actually the chances are pretty good and the new Metro interface looks really attractive. This may be an attempt to reach corporate users from the biggest email provider worldwide (Hotmail). Aside the look and feel there are also some other great improvements for example the integration with Skype and Microsoft’s cloud services (SkyDrive).

Using the new online we can share presentations and Office documents easily and the recipient can open the PPT online. Let’s see how we can achieve this.

First, we need to compose a New Message in and click on Attach Files link. Here we will need to pick the .ppt from our computer. You can also attach other documents and files, of course.

Now, when the recipient receives the message he will see a page like the image below. Notice that there is 1 attachment (the .ppt file that we previously attached).

Here you can download as a .zip or View online. As we can see below, the presentation is opened online and you can also invite other people to join to the same. This is great to run your own remote presentations and collaborate with other people in online meetings or demos.