How to Insert Footer in PowerPoint

Last updated on October 5th, 2023

In PowerPoint you can add headers and footers to your slides and handout printings in a similar way as you can do in Word. However, the steps to add a footer in PowerPoint are slightly difference. Here we will show you how to add and edit the footer template for the PowerPoint presentation.

Adding a Footer to your PowerPoint 2010 Presentation

In order to add a Footer, click on Insert -> Header & Footer option and then a new dialog will be displayed as follows.

footer powerpoint

Here you can control what to include in the slides, date and time, slide number and footer text. Make sure to check the Footer checkbox and enter a desired footer line. If you want to avoid showing this footer text in the title slide template, then you can check the Don’t show on title slide.

You can also add a timestamp to your slides. You can learn more about how to add the date and time to PowerPoint presentations.

How to Edit the Footer Template in PowerPoint

You can edit the footer template for any desired layout. For example, you may want to show the footer only on the title + content slide layout, or the comparison layout but not in the cover slide. You can do this by editing the Master Slide or PowerPoint template and then choose the Footer section. Here you can apply any text style or transformation for the footer.

template footer powerpoint

Now, Close the Master View using the red cross button and return to the normal view. In PowerPoint editing the footer template is quite similar. You can also change the way to display the footer on the slides and apply text styles.

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    1. Hi Shamim. The best way to do is is editing the template in PowerPoint using Slide Master view ( click View -> Slide Master ). Then choose the layout where you want to the logo to appear or if you want the company logo to appear in all the slides then you can just edit the first slide, aka Slide Master.

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