How to Easily Arrange or Align Objects

It’s not that easy to arrange objects in definite uniform alignment. If you are looking to create a perfectly aligned linked menu using square or rectangle auto-shapes  you need to make sure all of the are equidistant.

Aligning Objects in PowerPoint 2010

  • Select all the objects you want to Align, by dragging or right clicking and selecting through Marquee tool.
  • From the ribbon, Click on Format tab, click Align, and choose Distribute Vertical option. It will align your objects horizontally perfectly aligned and equidistant from each other.
  • If you choose Align Objects Vertically, it pretty much does the same thing but aligns them vertically.

How to Arrange Objects In PowerPoint 2013

The new feature in PowerPoint 2013 makes Arranging, Aligning and Positioning the objects never easier. Let’s look at what it has to offer us.

Suppose you have an object, say a square shape or two of them aligned. When you create the third one and drag it near them, you can see equidistant guides popping up to help you position them quickly.

PowerPoint GuideLines

In PowerPoint 2010, only Vertical alignment guides are present. You can use the previous method, when you wish to align already existing objects. You can additionally, add more guides by clicking CTRL while dragging.

How to Center an Object in PowerPoint

You can also center an object or a chart with intuitive arrange tools provided by PowerPoint.

  • Select an Object which you wish to position.
  • Goto Arrange Tab in the Ribbon, Click Align->Align Center

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