How to crop and resize images in PowerPoint

Last updated on April 18th, 2022

PowerPoint has a lot of features that we can use to handle images in the presentation slides. Cropping and resizing is maybe one of the most unknow features for many, however these features are very powerful and we can take advantage of crop and resize to enhance our presentations with images.

Resize and crop in PowerPoint

Both features are available under Picture Tools (Format picture) in PowerPoint. Suppose that one of our colleagues posted a banner in the business building and then took this photography.

Business Building

Now we want to use this image in our business PowerPoint presentation templates, so we insert it as usual into the slide.

Business Building Slide

How to resize images in PowerPoint

Then, we are ready to crop the image and resize it so we can fit it into the white area of the slide. The resize is very easy, just need to drag the circles in the corners and that’s all. You can also drag the small squares but this won’t keep the image with proportions. If you want to scale proportional to the height and width you can press SHIFT key, as we explained in how to create true squares in PowerPoint or creating triangles in PowerPoint.

How to crop images in PowerPoint

Now let’s see how the Crop works and how to crop images in PowerPoint. We need to select the image first and then locate the Crop button under Format menu.

PowerPoint Crop

You can drag the corner handle to increase or reduce the image and then submit the chances.

Crop Image PowerPoint template

Congratulations. The crop operation is ready and now you can complete the PowerPoint presentation design.

Order Workflow PowerPoint template

What to do if I cropped the image wrongly?

The good news are that if you crop an image by mistake more of what you actually needed, then you are not losing the original image. PowerPoint 2010 for example saves the crop information. This has some advantages, for example you can recover the original image. However, the drawback is that the full image is saved and if you just need a portion of the image then you’d need to apply some optimization instead.

Fortunately, there are some secondary good news. You can get rid of the cropped area of a picture. Before doing this please make sure you don’t want to recover the original full size image later. In order to do this you need to optimize the picture (Compress Pictures in PowerPoint). You can find this option in the Format menu for a Picture.

Once you finished the PowerPoint presentation it is recommended that you optimize the PowerPoint images so you can save file size. By compressing the pictures you can delete the cropped areas of a picture and also optimize the image for a given resolution.