How To Broadcast PowerPoint And Keynote Presentations With Polls

Conducting polls and presenting your presentations via the web are two great utilities that often don’t come integrated in a single service. This is where EverySlide serves as an exception; as it combines the utility of poll conducting services like PollEv and Live Polls, with the option to broadcast your presentation ‘Live’ to a global audience.

EverySlide Presentation Service

What is EverySlide?

EverySlide is a web service which enables broadcasting PowerPoint and Keynote presentations with Live polls, via an internet browser, with the option to instantly conduct online polls to enable your audience to participate in them using mobile devices. Unlike other services of its kind, EverySlide (previously known as NetClick and LivePrezo) is quite easy to use and provides the utility to allow your audience to view the slides on their tablets or smartphones while you present them. This makes it possible to reach out your audience in a more personal manner, as well as to reach global audience via the internet, such as by conducting a Live webinar.

Upload A PowerPoint or PDF File

To start using the service, sign up for an account and upload a PowerPoint or PDF file. If you wish to save a Keynote presentation, you will have to convert it to PDF format.

Upload PowerPoint or Keynote File

Present Your Slides To Your Audience Using Direct Link

Once your presentation is uploaded you can broadcast it using the given direct link. When a user enters this URL, they will be directed to your presentation, with the option to view slides on their tablet or smartphone.

Present Your Slides With your Audience Using Direct Link

Start A Poll During Your Presentations

You can instantly begin a poll during your presentations by entering a question and selecting a poll type. Just click the Start a Poll option, enter a question and select your poll format (True/False, Multiple Choice or Word Cloud). Click Start Poll to start accepting audience responses.

Start A Poll During Your Presentations

This will allow your audience to give their opinion/answers during the poll. The below screenshot shows a Live poll response via an Android device.

Live Poll Response

After the designated time is over, you can end the poll to view the result via Show Results.

View Poll Results

EverySlide has both a free and paid version. The free version is limited to 3 presentation uploads but enables synchronizing slides with all connected devices and enables unregistered users to join the polls which makes it pretty useful even for free users. However, by upgrading to the Pro version you can upload unlimited presentations (up to 10GB) and save emails and phone numbers of participants (among other benefits).


Unfortunately, this service seems to be out of commission. However, you can use alternative tools and services like Swipe, Mentimeter or Presentain.

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