How to blink a text in PowerPoint

If you need to make a text blink in PowerPoint or add a blinking effect to any textbox in PowerPoint then we can help you.

First, please add a new slide and add a textbox with the text that you want to blink. Then, we will add a text animation. Select the blinking textbox and then go to Animations tab, choose animation panel and then select Color Pulse (this will be our blinking effect in PowerPoint).


Then, you can play the effect in the animation panel to see how it looks. If you want to blink it all the time then you can control the animation timing in the slide. Select the Blinking text and then click on the animation properties. Right click on the row under animation panel to access these timing properties in PowerPoint. You can configure to repeat indefinitely until the end of PowerPoint slide.

blink text animation timing

This way, your text will blink in and out until you exit the slide.