How to Avoid Presentation Anxiety in Public Speaking

Last updated on April 13th, 2024

Performing a presentation in front of a group of other students, colleagues, friends or even co-workers can be frustrating and may generate a lot of anxiety to the presenter.

Body language meeting online and presentation anxiety during a conference or meeting

In a Reddit post, we can see that this is a very common question, not only by students but also business people. For example, we can see here someone who needs to deliver a presentation tomorrow and he is extremely nervous. Clearly, the person is suffering presentation anxiety.

Reddit presentation anxiety

Fortunately, the following advice from a Reddit user is clear and simple, which seems have helped to reduce the anxiety.

Reddit presentation anxiety

As we can see, Practice is key, and one way to practice is going in front of the mirror and practice giving your presentation. You can make note cards to help remember important points (the pillars of your presentation), but these notes will be used just like flash cards.

Presentation anxiety is a response to fear and it manifests itself in a number of ways. It is also known as Fear of Public Speaking. Physically, for example: in blushing, shaking, stuttering, sweating, being tongue tied. Mentally in being muddled, feelings of not making sense, losing the thread.

There are many possible possible causes of presentation anxiety. Here is a non-exhaustive list of possible causes of presentation anxiety based on our experience:

1. Perfectionism

Pressuring ourselves by having unreasonably high expectations of what we should achieve, particularly if this is the first time we have done a presentation.

2. Avoidance

Avoidance makes things worse because we never have the opportunity to test our assumptions. Going through the experience and seeing that we can survive intact will help us build up our confidence for next time.

3. Bad past experience

Particularly if the experience was a negative one, can influence how we might think and feel about a similar experience even though it is in a new context.

4. Lack of confidence

Lack of self confidence can affect thinking, feelings, behavior and body language. Labeling oneself not confident means failing to appreciate the things we do do well. Confidence comes from doing things and having a go, learning from our mistakes.

Also, next time you need to work on a presentation, ask yourself: How Much Time in Advance Should Your Presentation be Ready? Depending on the kind of presentation to deliver, the answer may differ. But in general, the advice will be to start working on every presentation weeks in advance.

These feelings are so unpleasant that we actually want to avoid presentations altogether. Anxiety can increase your level of stress and anxiety heart rate will be also increased. Normally, presenters feeling anxiety feel their heartbeat or flutter with some palpitations. Some presenters also reported a heartbeat in their stomach.

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