How To Add SWF Files in PowerPoint To Create Flash Presentations

When it comes to making flash presentations one might think of creating vector graphics, action scripts or other types of multimedia content. While making such content in SWF format is straightforward enough, adding it to MS PowerPoint can be difficult to understand. In this post we will show how to to add a flash animation in PowerPoint.

Make Sure That Your SWF File is in Presentable Shape

Before adding your SWF file in PowerPoint, make sure that it is in presentable shape and that it is ready for your audience. In case you don’t know how to create flash animations, you can use videos and photos to express your ideas and save them in SWF format with the help of the iPixSoft Flash Gallery Factory software. With the help of this Windows based application you can add menus, photos, videos and arrange them in a sequence to creat a presentation in Flash. You can save your presentations in numerous formats including SWF, HTML 5, as well as in various video formats.

Flash Presentation

Download SlideDynamic Add-in To Add SWF Files in PowerPoint

To add an SWF file to PowerPoint you will have to download and install SlideDynamic add-in, which allows adding Prezis, PDF, Vimeo videos and other types of content to PowerPoint presentations. Once the add-in has been installed, go to the SlideDynamic tab and click Insert Adobe Flash.swf.

Insert SWF to PowerPoint

A new window will open up from where you will require selecting your file and the properties for it. For example, you can enable the Loop option to play the file in a loop after its added to PowerPoint or embed the file (for Macro enabled PPTM files).

Add SWF File

Position Your Flash Animation On The Slide

After the SWF file has been added to your slide an image with a cross will appear (as shown below). This implies that your Flash animation has been added to the slide and will be displayed once you enter Slide Show mode. Make sure you position the Flash file appropriately on the slide by dragging it (e.g. by placing it in the middle of the slide).

SWF File added to PowerPoint

Play Your Flash Presentation in Slide Show Mode

After the SWF file has been added to your presentation, you can enter the Slide Show mode to play it. This way you can add Flash Animations on your slides and when the Slide Show reaches the slide with the animation, it will play it. You can also simply add the animation to a single slide and play it as a complete presentation (if your Flash animation covers the entire presentation’s content).

Play Flash Presentation

In case you are interested in downloading Free Flash Templates for building a website in Flash, then see our review of Flashmo, which is a website that offers high quality Flash Templates.

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