How to add narration to a presentation

Narrations are great to add voice to your PowerPoint presentations. You can either record a narration before you run a presentation or record a narration during a presentation and include audience comments in the recording, which is very convenient if you want a way to get feedback from your audience. If you don’t want narration throughout the presentation, you can record comments only on selected slides or turn off the narration so that it plays only when you want it to play.

When you add a narration to a slide, a sound icon will appear on the slide design and you can click on the icon to play the sound or configure it to play automatically during the slideshow. Voice narration takes precedence over other sounds, and only one sound can play at a time in a presentation. As a result, other sounds that are set to play automatically in a presentation are overridden by a narration and will not play.

In order to record narration for your presentation you need a computer with a microphone and speakers (to play the narration). By using built-in narration features in PowerPoint you can:

  • Record a narration before a presentation
  • Preview a narration
  • Re-record part of a narration
  • Record a narration during a presentation
  • Record comments on a slide
  • Turn the slide timings off

Narration can be really helpful to add voice to your presentation. Learn more in PowerPoint timing and narration.